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Caring about you and your family is how we contribute to the Society!


Welcome to Ace Wellness, one of India’s most exclusive and integrative treatment centres in Pune. We have defined natural therapies that are tailor-made to suit your ailments.

Ace Wellness was established a decade ago and with time, it has evolved as a multifaceted healing center. Our holistic healing process is aligned to answer your specific health needs. Taking into account your mental, social, spiritual, and physical requirements, we present you a number of natural therapies. Alongside our integrated treatments, we specialize in curing complex health ailments including Chronic Kidney Disease, Constipation Clinic, and Liver Disorder Cleansing.

With a rich legacy of Ayurveda and Yoga, India is an epicentre for age-old health solutions that are completely natural and safe. Upholding this ideology, Ace Wellness is building the wholesome idea of ‘perfect health’ by incorporating elements from traditional Yoga, Ayurveda, Pranic Healing and Diet Management.

Situated at the heart of Pune, Ace Wellness is a spellbinding serene space that provides the widest range of integrated wellness solutions. With qualified doctors, expert professionals and trained staff, it’s our acumen earned over a decade that gives us an edge amongst our competitors.

Incorporating a multi-dimensional approach, our integrated wellness programs results in ‘optimum healthcare’ by encompassing the elements of life. At Ace Wellness we offer:

  • A novel approach that brings the best of both worlds
  • An array of holistic healthcare solutions
  • Tailor-made wellness modules that are designed for curing specific needs
  • An amalgamation of Yoga, Pranic healing, Ayurveda, and Diet Management

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Sr. No. 32/2A, Gulwani Maharaj Road, Erandwane, Pune – 411 004.