Speciality Clinics

Every treatment protocol is studied and discussed by the Therapists and Medical Experts. The treatments are provided by trained experienced therapists under medical supervision.

Speak to us or visit our center to experience how we help you find a holistic way to cure ailments or maintain your wellness.

Fatty Liver Clinic

Ace Wellness have come up with a Fatty liver clinic that specializes in liver cleansing that helps to prevent free radical damage and repairs liver cell membranes.

Constipation Clinic

Ace Wellness is one of the biggest colon therapy centers in Pune; Maharashtra that offers natural therapy that cleans and detoxifies your gastrointestinal system.

Chronic Kidney Disease Clinic

Ace Wellness introduces a path-breaking concept that provides a holistic and suitable treatment with integrative management to the patients suffering from CKD.

Urological Disorder Clinic

With a holistic framework of blending a combination of treatment, medicines, & therapies, we have risen to the largest Urological Disorder Clinic in Pune.

Post Pulmonary Rehabilitation Clinic

With a combination of Yog, Pranayam and Medication we not only work on strengthening your respiratory system but also provide symptomatic relief for post Covid 19 Recovery.

Natural Herbal Remedies

Our philosophy revolves around identifying the root cause of diseases and treating them with clinically proven time-tested products, blending Ayurvedic wisdom with scientific knowledge.

Yoga Classes

Discover inner harmony and unleash your full potential through our invigorating yoga classes at Ace Wellness Center. Join us on the mat and experience the transformative power of yoga. Register today to enroll for Yoga Classes.

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