Colon Therapy at Ace Wellness, Pune

Blending expertise and technology, Ace Wellness is a name to reckon in providing colon hydrotherapy in Pune. Questioning the pre-conceived ideas, our colon therapy gives you a revitalized feeling and erases all in health ailments arising due to the under-performance of the colon.

Colon Therapy at Ace Wellness

To get the best results, adequate take of nutrients backed by regular exercise helps to release out the stored toxic substances from the body.

Below are some of the health complications that may occur due to unhealthy Colon:






Hair fall


Bad Breath







Is Colon Therapy For Me?

Colon therapy is aimed to weaken the accumulated toxin and  goes a long way to ensure a healthy digestive system. In today’s lifestyle, everyone is exposed to processed or junk food that slowly impact the large intestine. Rebuilding the regimen of the inner body, colon cleansing is one of the most popular treatments offered by Ace Wellness.

Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Smoother and Tighter Skin
  • Fresh breath
  • Bright Vision
  • Improved Digestion

Colon Hydrotherapy Prerequisites

Before colon hydrotherapy

  • The process starts with a consultation session with the Ace Wellness doctor .
  • A partial fasting of 3-4 hrs with only liquid diet which contains juice, ORS and sufficient water intake is observed thereafter
  • Here medication related to DM , HTN, Hypothyroidism doses etc, is to be followed precisely without fault

On the day of colon hydrotherapy

  • First and foremost, keeping oneself well hydrated is of utmost significance
  • In order to facilitate the further process, carry along some fruits, juice while visiting for the therapy
  • In case one is suffering from Fever , Cough , Cold , Abdomenal pain , Headache ,Bodyache etc, kindly reschedule the day of the therapy
  • Alcohol consumption, specifically a night before the therapy is highly discouraged. Kindly avoid the therapy if intoxicated.

After colon hydrotherapy

  • Sincerely abide by the diet chart as advised by the doctor
  • Refrain from having exerting schedule which involves outings, tiring work, social events, immediately after the therapy.
  • Alcohol intake ,smoking /tobacco is strictly prohibited for at least for 3-4 weeks after the therapy
  • For maintaining a healthy digestive system, consumption of Gutwell Powder is highly recommended

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