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The diet is a comprehensive program created by a team of expert nutritionists and dieticians. It is designed to reshape lifestyle by adopting healthy habits. We at Diet Clinic Ace Wellness, combine western and ayurvedic dietary principals to design a patient oriented diet plan.

Ayurveda has different diet concepts than western diet pattern,
The diet suggested by ayurveda is suitable for Indian whether condition and genetics.
ATRC Diet Clinic Pune

Why Ace Wellness Diet Clinic?

The purpose of the diet is to help you to find a way of eating, that you can sustain for a lifetime.

It focuses on changing your daily routine by adding and breaking habits to achieve a healthy life . Diet helps you to improve your health and reduce the risks of ailment .

Why You Might Follow The Ace Wellness Diet

With qualified doctors  and an easy to follow diet , ACE WELLNESS-DIETETICS is a great choice.

The patient is given a comprehensive diet sheet which is specially designed to simplify the dieter’s life. It helps patients target the best foods rather than cutting down on them and thus maximize their chances of achieving healthy life.

Diet provided by Ace Wellness dept is the official diet, based on research and clinical experiences.

The diet is tailored to individual needs and health history and is designed after analyzing the prakruti of the person.

The diet is meant to be positive, practical and sustainable, so that one can enjoy a happier, healthier life in the long term. By making a few changes in your diet and taking a positive approach towards wellness, you can make yourself healthy in a natural way.

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