Post Pulmonary Rehabilitation Clinic

We are providing an integrative approach towards these problems. With combination of Yog, Pranayam, Medication we not only work on strengthening your respiratory system but also provide the symptomatic relief. The solutions which we provide are not habit forming or doesn’t have any side effects.

Due to changes in the lifestyle, increasing pollution and change in the weather conditions, we can see the increasing number of allergies. 70% of allergies are seen in respiratory system such as allergic rhinitis, allergic sinusitis, allergic asthma, common cold. These conditions are getting very common and its onset can be seen in younger generation as well. Initially these allergies have minor symptoms but the progression of these condition can lead to complications.

What Ace Wellness does – Clinically and timely proven breathing exercises, Carefully designed protocols, Combination of yog, pranayama, diet. Experts advice and suggestions,

In the current covid 19 background such allergic conditions can cause severe damage as the people suffering from these conditions are prone to get any infection.

Many people are showing post covid 19 symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, low SPO2 levels, recurrent cold, loss of sense of smell, recurrent congestion and heaviness in chest. There are several medicines and other modern medicinal solutions for these symptoms but no permanent cure.

Also the allergic conditions, chronic pulmonary disorders hamper the immunity and reduce metabolism rate. Same effects are seen in post covid 19 recovery but there are hardly any immunity boosting solutions available.

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