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Yoga Center by Ace Wellness at Ace Hospital is the perfect place to learn and practice yoga under the guidance of experienced doctors and trainers. Yoga is union of life, mind, body and soul. It is a spiritual discipline and is widely practiced for health and relaxation. It tones your body keeping the internal organs and hormonal system in balance.

At Ace Wellness:

  • Trainers are experienced in handling patients by understanding their ailments and the patients as an individual .
  • Depending upon the individual  or patient Yoga protocol are developed and are being taught in a specific time frame. Protocols are developed with discussions with doctors.
  • Yoga opd is conducted for pts, online or face to face.
  • Regular yoga sessions are conducted for well being of patients .
ATRC Yoga Center in Pune

We at Ace Wellness, provide a holistic approach towards the propagation of yoga to the patients as well as yoga enthusiasts. The Ace Wellness Yoga department is backed-up by Teachers and Therapists having qualification from Bihar School of Yoga, S Vyasa University and other prestigious Yoga Institutes.

According to research, a daily practice of yoga helps to reduce stress and anxiety, improves memory and concentration in children as well as develops essential skills  of patience, problem-solving, decisiveness, time-management, conflict resolution, to name a few.

Specialties of Ace Wellness Yoga Center for General Health and Well-Being.

Specially designed and scientifically based programs and workshops.

ATRC Yoga Center Pune

Obesity, Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease


Chronic Cardiac




Woman Health


Neurological Disorders

We are the pioneer in designing therapeutic customised Yoga protocol for patients considering their ailments.

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