With the year 2022 almost bidding adieu, students appearing for the boards are gearing up for the crucial examination of their lives. Preparations, exams, mock tests, revisions, etc. The student leaves no stone unturned to put the best foot forward.

It is certain then there will be some amount of stress for the latter regarding numerous factors such as coursework deadlines, assignment submissions, and most importantly achieving that much-needed score.

Some of the most common ways of coping with stress for students are getting that power nap, eating right, exercising, and of course following a timetable. However, most of the time, it is about focusing on the innate needs of one’s mind and connecting with the inner soul. The same will help cope with stress even better along with the above factors.

It is all about finding peace and tranquility amid the hustle of the exams and directing your energies to achieve your goals. How can one achieve this?

The answer is Pranic Healing.

Pranic Healing is a powerful method of energy healing that does not involve any touch therapy. It is based on the principle of self-repairing wherein the body can restore itself.

Anxiety, poor concentration levels, decreased confidence, and withdrawal symptoms are some of the common effects of stress among students. How then can Pranic Healing be effective in treating stress for students?

We take a look-

  • Pranic Breathing-

It involves a technique of deep breathing from the abdomen. It focuses on the principles of rhythm, breathing counts, and retention of the breath in the lungs for a specific amount of time. Pranic Breathing is known to reduce stress levels drastically and increase concentration levels. It also helps one take in more oxygen and regulate extreme emotions.

  • Super Brain Yoga-

Super Brain yoga is a type of pranic healing using both sides of our brains. It is a series of steps meant to energize the brain and activate the brain cells. It activates calmness, generates alertness, and promotes more memory and recall.

  • Twin Hearts Meditation-

It is a different technique of meditation developed by Choa Kok Sui who is the Founder of Pranic healing. Twin Hearts meditation involves a set of physical exercises before the actual meditation. This type of technology enhances a person’s sense of well-being, and productivity and increases inner strength.

  • Arhatic Yoga-

Arhatic Yoga involves asanas (different postures), meditation, and breathing techniques, blended into a single system. This form is also called the ‘Yoga of Synthesis. It is essentially refining a person’s emotions so that he becomes more informed and in control of one’s self. The process comes from the Sanskrit word,’ Arhat’ which means a highly evolved person.

Exam stress among students is extremely common. However, one must realize that the stress should not get the better of you. If the student finds himself not able to cope with the emotion, he or she should immediately take help. Pranic Healing is the numero uno solution to help cope with stress levels and achieve inner peace and harmony. A student can be in better control of his emotions after practicing pranic healing.