Colon cleansing is a procedure of manually cleaning one’s large intestine by using large quantities of fluids. Water, sometimes mixed with other natural or chemical substances is passed through the colon to deep cleanse it. At Ace Wellness our process of colon cleansing is safe, healthy and natural. One which is free from chemical usage and takes natural remedies with a holistic approach of Ayurvedic medicines, Pranic healing and Yoga alongside colon therapy. Colon cleansing is an effective way for overall health management if performed by a licensed health-care practitioner. Let’s discuss the benefits which comes along colon cleansing –

  1. Reduces the risk of colon cancer – Colon cancer has lately become one of the most common types of cancer with over 1 million cases per year in India alone. There is no particular cause but an irregular diet, sedentary lifestyle and prolonged constipation are some of the probable culprits. Colon cleansing here helps to reduce the chances of this cancer by removing any stubborn and overdue waste.
  2. Better digestion – A clean colon helps aid digestion as there is better absorption of nutrients as well as an easy passage of the waste material after every colon cleansing. And when one of the most primary body functions is optimized, it facilitates others to achieve efficiency.
  3. Increases energy – If a function of the body is halted in any way, the body diverts most of its energy towards performing that particular function and thus working extra hard. This is what happens when your colon is not healthy and there is excess waste material. Your body tries extra hard to clean it and gets tired of all the work. Here, colon cleansing comes to the rescue by taking that extra load off of your body, eventually leading to a healthier colon and also more energy.
  4. Prevents constipation – Constipation is no fun for you as well as your body. When waste is stubborn to leave the body, it  strains the overall system leading to discomfort, bloating and in some cases even hemorrhoids. The physical health as well as mood are further. Colon cleansing quite literally, smoothens things out for you.
  5. Improves concentration – This might seem surprising at first but we have science to back it up. Our mind is dependent on our body. The body is dependent on diet and the nutrient absorption that follows. As we know, poor colon health adversely affects the nutrient absorption capacity of our body. This eventually leads one to feel lethargic and unfocused. A clean and healthy colon thus, is your way to a happier, focused lifestyle.
  6. Weight Loss – The term itself attracts the attention of lakhs of people at once. Thus, for people struggling with weight loss issues, colon cleansing might be a suitable  way. Diets low in fibre produce excess mucus and literally stick to the intestinal walls. This slows down the overall digestion. Thus storing more and more fecal material over a period of time. Colon cleansing will relieve you of this unwanted instant weight gain but more importantly, it increases metabolism which aids weight loss in the long run too. So it’s a win-win situation.
  7. Maintains pH balance in the blood – Years of accumulated waste in the colon reduces its ability to absorb nutrients and sometimes the harmful matter such as bacteria, parasite, yeasts and fungus may enter the bloodstream which is sure to disturb the pH balance. It may also lead to large scale, life threatening infections. So why not keep our colons clean rather.

These are just a few of the many benefits of colon cleansing. Food is the source of all energy and colon makes sure to absorb every last bit of that energy from food. Rest, you can do the math. So long story short, if you want an overall healthy body, leading healthy lifestyle, get your colons cleaned up people!